Thursday, May 26, 2016

So long, WintaFresh

When muralist Rock Martinez lived in Tucson, he hosted a yearly weekend of mural painting — with artists from around the country — on the vacant lot south of Und1sputed Fitness on Stone (a bit north of Speedway). The walls have been filled with great urban art every year. But Rock moved to Minnesota a year ago or so. Some of the murals from WintaFresh 2013, including some later murals that Mark Fleming found in January 2014, stayed (mostly?) up for a while. When I stopped by on February 4th, 2016, some of the murals had changed and some were the same.

The north side of the lot (the south side of Und1sputed Fitness) looked about the same:

But the south side of the lot was completely different. Here it is, from left (east) to right (west):

When I drove by a couple of weeks ago, I noticed (out of the side of my eye… I remember landmarks by their murals) that (at least) the south wall has changed. I'll go back, when the friendly people at Und1sputed let me into their lot (they always do), then I'll show you what I find.

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