Friday, March 17, 2017

Morrow Residence, a (very!) 3-D “mural”

This blog normally shows “flat” art, but we make exceptions every once in a while. These walls are nowhere near flat!

"Armed with Styrofoam, rebar, aluminum foil, stucco, chicken wire, railroad spikes, cactus skeletons and his imagination, Gary Morrow began creating his version of a desert scene, one that is gradually encircling their house and yard."  "It'll be done when I'm done being alive.", he said.
Source: Arizona Real Estate News
West Wall on N. Park Ave.
South Wall on E. Gifford St.
Entry Gate on West Wall
West Wall - looking thru a rebar fence at two aliens descending from a spaceship
South Wall Detail
Cliff dwellings with tiny ladders and saguaros.  
Behind the wall is the alien space ship with a Pterodactyl on top.
More South Wall Detail
Photographed on Feb. 8, 2017.
Click on any photo for larger and sharper images.

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