Friday, March 03, 2017

Murals being made, part 45: Charity Glass & Tint

Just over a year ago — March 12, 2016 — I rolled west on Grant Road. I was almost to Country Club when I spotted a bright blue mural with an artist painting the east wall. As you can guess :), I pulled over.

I believe his name was Richard Taplin. I snapped a few photos, wrote down his contact info (which, unfortunately, I can't find), and planned to come back to see the front of the building. Then David Aber pointed out that he'd gotten a photo of the front of the building; it's in our December 26, 2016 entry.

Since then, I called a man who I guess is the owner of Charity Glass and Tint. (They have a unique business mode. Their "About Us" page tells more. They also support public murals!)

If you know how to get in touch with Richard, I'd be glad to add his contact info here. And I'll try to stop by the business to find out more about the artists.

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David Aber said...

This mural no longer exists as of Aug. of 2016.