Monday, March 13, 2017

Santa Theresa Tile Works re-revisited

Santa Theresa Tile Works has made a lot of public art in Tucson! Some of it is on this blog. More is on the public art page of their website. I'll post more here as time goes on.

I'm often around their building (at the corner of 6th & 6th), going to contemporary galleries in the area, so I see their tile work a lot. I missed this mural, but David Aber didn't. It's on the south side of the building.

He took the photo December 11, 2015.

Like much of their work, this mosaic has a lot of detail. You can click on the image for a much larger view. Unfortunately, Blogger's image viewer seems to squash tall photos to fit your window and doesn't let you scroll up and down to see detail much better. So I've added a version rotated to the left to help you click and see more detail:

Our previous entry Santa Theresa Tile Works revisited, has more…, as well as links to previous blog entries. The entry Wheat Scharf Associates shows a work nearby the one that David photographed (above).

P.S. Please let me know if you like this “sideways” trick by leaving a comment below. (You can remain anonymous.) If it's popular, I'll do more as time goes on.) Thanks.

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