Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Little-seen mural after six years of desert sun

Experienced Tucson muralists will tell you that west- and south-facing walls can be brutal on murals. Ceci Garcia, of Raices Taller 222 Gallery & Workshop, told me last month that priming a wall for the desert sun before painting it is really important to keep it in one piece. A few years ago, as he was repainting his faded mural on the south side of the La Pilita Museum, Martín Moreno told me how strong Tucson sun can wash out colors.

Last month, as I was looking through mural photos I'd neglected, I ran across some 2016 photos of a mural on the west-facing wall along a vacant lot. I'd last photographed them in May, 2010; if you'd like to see them, check out Hidden but worth the trip. Here are two closeups of the wall in March, 2016. First is the left half; the right half is second:

(The colors may be a bit different due to different photo editor settings. Also, as always, you can click on either photo for a larger view of both.)

I was surprised that the mural looked almost as good as it had six years ago. One homeowner had put up a shed that rose above the wall, and that shed was tagged, but the mural didn't look vandalized. I hope nothing's happened in the year since.

By the way, the left half of the wall has a rock (?) with SSA Broadway 2009-2010. I'm guessing that they were the artists and/or sponsors. Great job, folks!

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