Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Art makers and lovers, please keep us all in touch

A big part of why I do this stuff is that I love helping people find Tucson art. I post photos of murals, and I have a blog about quirky mailboxes, Tucson Mailbox Art. You might be one of 350 followers of @TucsonArt on Twitter, which retweets anouncements of new entries on the murals and mailbox blogs — as well as sending announcements of art evenrs from artists I've met who have mailing lists or Twitter feeds. (Murals blog co-editor David Aber contributes lots of murals and some amazing mailboxes too. Where does he find them??)

If you love art — either to make it or just look at it — I'd be glad to spread the word about things you make or find. Email a photo (larger, with more pixels worth of detail, is better) announcement flier, etc., to or use the "Contact Us" form in the right oolumn of any page. I'll do my best!

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