Friday, April 24, 2020

Bronx Wash VI

The Bronx Wash runs along E. Linden St. just west of N. 4th Ave. The Wash contains many murals sponsored by the Northwest Neighborhood Assn.  Additional murals are added periodically.  The first murals were painted in 2011 and there have been 4 additions since.  Here are the links to the 5 previous entries:(1)Beautiful Bronx Wash, (2) Bronx Wash mural revisited part 1 of 3, (3) Murals being made, part 42: Bronx Wash addition, (4) Bronx Wash mural (complete) part 3 of 3, (5) Bronx Wash re-re(-re?) visited.

The first mural below appeared in an earlier entry as unfinished.  The other five are all new.
Photographed on Jan. 7, 2020
By Teresa Altamirano

"el hombres de maiz"(the men of corn) refers to the Mayan dependence on corn.

"Sugar Hill" is a reference to a previous name for the neighborhood.

Likely meaning is "Professional And Career Development"

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