Monday, June 13, 2022

CYFI in Dubai

Tucson's own Rock Martinez (CYFI) paints all over the world. I just found this mural — a tribute to the Colombian singer Shakira — on his Instagram account @cyfione. It's at the restaurant called Soul Street in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (if you haven't heard of Dubai, click there for a Google Map).

(To see another part of the mural, on a computer click the arrow in the circle at the right edge; on a phone, swipe. Notice CYFI on the car's license plate.)

Here's info I found on “Soul Street is a restaurant in Dubai that promotes street art. The eclectic mix of street art, graffiti and pop-art throughout, has been designed by five of the hottest street artists from around the globe. All murals embody the heart and soul of the street food styles represented within the restaurant.”

Congrats, CYFI, for being called one of “five of the hottest street artists from around the globe.”

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