Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Goodbye, Sonoran Brunch Company: outside

I'm sad to say that Sonoran Brunch Company has closed and its murals are gone. It was a tiny restaurant that supported local artists. Ken Kroeger, who took the photos I'll show in a minute, wrote on the Facebook group Tucson Murals and Street Art:
One of the first things that Kenny and Niki King, the owners of Sonoran Brunch Company, did when they opened in 2019 is had Jessica Gonzales paint a large mural on the inside of the old Poco and Mom's {New Mexican restaurant], that was three years ago. For being a rather small local business they believed in supporting the Tucson Mural Scene and had two more large murals [outside] done by Danny Martin and Serena Rios McRae.

A little more than two years after the Covid-19 outbreak upended life in the world, SBC sadly shut its doors.
We showed Danny Martin's mural on October 29, 2019. It was painted on a metal storage container located just south of the restaurant. David Aber also spotted a truck painted by Danny Martin; we posted it in Mobile Mural.

On January 20 of this year, Ken Kroeger took photos of two halves of the metal storage container. It had been repainted by Serena Rios McRae of Cactus Clouds Art. (Bookmans on Speedway tweeted April 27th about Serena Rios McRae, who was there April 29: “Serena focuses her artistic energy towards uplifting women. Her intimate relationship with the desert inspires her watercolors and other works.”) She turned it into a monsoon storm raining food:

(The first photo, of the left half, is wider than the second photo, of the right half. So the second photo seems to be taller, but it's actually the same height.)

A few details:

This is the kind of monsoon I'm waiting for. :)

When I stopped by on June 7, all that was left of the storage container was a light spot on the pavement:
I (Jerry Peek) have always wanted to make an online list of local businesses that support Tucson artists — for instance, painting murals or hanging artists' art on their walls. There's too little time and too much art! If you know of a list like this that already exists, or have the determination and stamina to maintain a list like that, please use the contact form in the right column of this blog; I'll spread the word!

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