Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Mural for sale: $464,900! (home included)

At the northwest corner of Broadway & Bryant is a mural with a home behind it:
That's taken from the northeast corner. Here's the northwest view:
The asking price is just $464,900. Deal! :)
Next, part of the front (north side) of the home. Don't miss the borders around the window and door. (As always, you can click for a slideshow of larger views.)
Let's move east and around the corner to the left edge of the mural, along Bryant Avenue, and see closeups from here until the west end of the mural next to the home:

Flashback to February 17, 2010: There was a different mural. The wall was topped with curved tile. (Now the wall is topped by simulated, painted-on tiles with a fence above.) Here's the northeast corner of the wall back then:
The post Three streets, three murals: #2 shows two more views from that date.

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