Friday, May 19, 2023

Had a crash? Get a mural!

When I spotted people painting a mural at Dan's Toy Shop on the southeast corner of Ft. Lowell & Tucson, I couldn't stop… so I made a note to come back. I remembered the business name and that the mural was of a vehicle. What did that have to do with toys?
When I went back to take a closer look (above), I found out. Dan's Toy Shop repairs Toyota… and Lexus and Scion. Here's the overview:
In the background was a corner of the west side of Seven Cups Chinese Teas. I'd already taken photos of the new mural on the other (east) side of Seven Cups. Thanks to Jodie Chertudi, who painted that mural, I found out that Dan's mural is temporary: They painted it because someone crashed into the window at the front of their shop. Once the window is back, the mural will be gone. So there it is!

(Next week, I'll have photos of both sides of Seven Cups.)

Update (May 20, 2023): Jodie later pointed me to a Facebook Reel showing herself and Miguel Flores (@t_bones_in_az on Instagram) painting the mural: The caption over the reel says “A vehicle crashed through the front door of Dan's Toy Shop back in December and we were asked to add some color to the temporarily boarded up plywood. Thank you to @danstoyshop1957 [on Instagram] for letting us experiment and try out some different techniques with this one.”

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