Friday, May 12, 2023

This Spot (was) Rocked

Our previous post, Ready to Rock (the Spot), gave background about the Rock the Spot parking lot painting weekend in October, 2022. Here are more photos and a video of the lot during and after painting.
Thanks to BG Boyd Photography and his Tucson Murals Database,, for the photo above of Rock the Spot in progress. He also has a YouTube video of the parking lot before and after:

A link to BG's video is

The photos below show most of the murals finished… though a few are still being made and there's equipment scattered around the parking lot. I took these photos early on Monday, October 17, 2022. Unlike most of our posts, I haven't edited these photos very much. (There are too many photos — 34 of them! — and some of the angles I took them from make editing tough to do.)

If you have trouble reading some graffiti letters, Graffiti Empire's Graffiti Letters A-Z tutorial could help. It shows 26 styles of lettering and explains how to write (draw) the letters. You can also search online for something like: graffiti lettering.

The photos start from Danny Martin's mural at the southwest corner, which had already been in that place for a while. I move generally clockwise. In the middle, I detour down a narrow passage that connects with Scott Avenue and two existing murals there (Tawt you taw a puddy tat? and citrus & quail). I wind up at the southeast corner — where a new mural, Three Sisters / Las Tres Hermanas, has been finished in the past couple of weeks (so it isn't in these photos from last year).

Some of the photos are wide views that cover several murals. Those are followed by individual photos of all (or most) of the murals in the wide view. Sometimes there are close-ups of a particular mural.

Here goes!

Another Rock the Spot is coming later in 2023! The date should be announced in September.

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