Tuesday, May 30, 2023

From Winsett Park to Mike Haggerty Plaza

The former Winsett Park was re-dedicated as Mike Haggerty Plaza on March 17, 2013. “The Mike” was also called The Mayor of 4th Avenue. He and his wife Mimi Haggerty (and maybe daughter Shannon Haggerty?) ran a jewelry shop called Piney Hollow on 4th Avenue for decades. (You can read more in the April 5, 2012 Tucson Weekly article The Mayor of Fourth Avenue: Remembering the life of businessman, politician, Irishman and bohemian Mike Haggerty.)

The last time we showed this spot on the blog was on May 5, 2012, in Winsett Park mural (before) being restored. That post said that the mural would soon be restored. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos for years. Google Maps Street View has photos of the north side, though.

There's a tree near the middle of the wall that makes complete photos difficult. Here is Google's photo of the north side during May 2015:

By August 2016, the north wall had been repainted. Most of the design had changed, but you can see that the skateboarder was still there, now in color. Here's a photo from August 2022:

I went back earlier this month: May 12, 2023. Although the gates were closed (as usual), I found that I could take a photo from near the ground, looking up — and the tree wouldn't block much of the mural:
(Sorry if that makes you a bit seasick!) I also zoomed in to catch the far (right) side:
Next time, the south wall.

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