Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Three Sisters / Las Tres Hermanas

On the wall of The Neighborhood DWTN bar is a new mural approximately 50x50 feet in size:
I believe it was finished on April 29, the day I took these photos. It's at the southeast corner of the Pueblo Parking Systems lot — which is lined with murals from the Rock the Spot weekend mural fiesta. (Photos of Rock the Spot are coming ASAP… I have a lot of them!) The next photo shows a little part of the other murals:
A closeup of the three hermanas / sisters:
The bottom of the mural was lined with parked cars when I was there, so I took this photo from the south (right) end:
Artist Mel Melo Dominguez posted a series of photos and videos of the mural in progress on his Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/melodominguez/posts/pfbid02KucSmdAE2KRJsgXxLxXiCo4XERe1ieJLau2kMwf33XewqLRmbwTJEUe1nL7n3JTql. There's more info from the Arzona Daily Star in our April 28, 2023 post, Photos: The Three Sisters/Las Tres Hermanas mural in downtown Tucson .

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