Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mural artists needed at Park Place April 14-15

Here's an announcement from SAACA, the Southern Arts & Cultural Alliance. (By the way, I'm hoping to stop by to grab photos for the blog.)

Inaugural Chalk Art Festival, April 14 & 15
Park Place Mall - 5870 East Broadway Blvd. - Tucson, Arizona, 85711. Saturday 7am - 5pm, Sunday 9am-3pm (Located in the North Entrance Courtyards approximately between former Borders location to Old Navy) Local established artists, amateur artists, students, children and attendees will all participate in the festival to transform Park Place sidewalks into colorful works of art. The space will stretch from former Borders location and Sears's entryways to the front of the Old Navy store. Complete details at Opportunities for Artists:
· PROFESSIONAL ARTIST MURALS ($300 per artist honorarium). Eight local mural artists will be selected to create original artwork pieces 8 foot wide by 6 foot high chalk murals in the area stretching the length of the sidewalk of the North Park Place entrance.
· COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MURAL Artist Facilitator ARTIST TEAM - 2 ARTISTS ($400 per teaching artist honorarium). The public participation mural will be administered by a local teaching artist to facilitate the growth of the signature piece as well as onsite instruction for emerging and amateur artists from an established artist.
· KIDZONE - 1 Artist Facilitator will be selected ($200 per artist honorarium). The KIDZONE will be managed by an artist instructor specialized in working with children.

Kate Marquez
Executive Director
Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance
A non profit organization dedicated to the preservation, expansion and creation of Arts and Culture in Southern Arizona
Office (520) 797-3959 x 6
Cellular (520) 240-2766
 7225 N. Oracle Rd, Suite 112
Tucson, AZ  85704
(NW Corner of Oracle & Ina)

Update (April 16, 2012): The first photos from the festival are in today's post, Park Place Chalk Art Festival.

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