Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Table of murals is up to date

Today's post is the 575th on this blog. (Whew!) This seemed like a good time to re-introduce the table of murals. It's been missing the past six months of mural posts, but I just finished updating it this morning. (Whew again!)

Trying to find a mural in Tucson? You can:
  • Do a broad search with the “Search This Blog” box near the top right of a page, For instance, type Luis Mena to find his murals all over town.
  • Use the mural map and click on the location. (The map isn't up to date, though it helps!)
  • Use the table of murals to search by street name or an exact address. The table can also help you find photos of murals that have been removed. The table of murals is at:


It has instructions to help you wade through the almost 600 murals listed, including examples of finding s mural. Here's an example:

for More
7th @ Toole03-06-201202-2012more-from-ed-muren-iii
119 E. Toole05-13-2010
• trash-replaced-by-tags
• move-garbage-see-mural

Along 7th Avenue at Toole is a mural we posted March 6, 2012. The mural was last seen in February, 2012. To see the mural, click on the link in the right column. (Once the post is open, you'll also find a map link.) And, at 119 E. Toole, there've been two murals. Both of them are marked GONE, but you can see photos of them (from 2010 and 2008) by clicking on the link.

Eventually, the table of murals and the mural map will join into a big collection of ways to find Tucson's murals. Until then, we've got some good info here. I'm planning to keep the table up to date as I add new posts to the blog.

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