Wednesday, March 14, 2012

29th Street overpass and mural project

The pedestrian bridge over 29th at Columbus has been a work of art for a while now. What's been there a while are the mosaic murals like this one, on the 29th Street side of the north tower.

I'll show more of the towers — and the murals inside — in a minute. But I wanted to say that the Tucson Arts Brigade is working on the murals as a community project. They meet every Thursday afternoon. There are details (and more of their projects!) on TAB's murals page.
The photos above are from September 20, 2011. I came back again, on December 18th, to check the progress.
Update (April 29, 2012): The overpass project is done! The unveiling celebration will be on May 9th. Here's our announcement. Update (September 16, 2012): Since I took these photos, more painting has gone on. There are more photos in TAB grand opening, overpass update.

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