Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Posting more murals (but doing less)

Happy 2014, everyone!

One of my New Year's resolutions is to have a more-balanced life. In the past year, I've been stretched too thin. I used to post murals every day. Then I added the mailbox blog, then Tucson's Pocket Parks, began ramping up and again started volunteering as event photographer at the amazing Tucson Museum of Art. Since Randy passed away in March, I've been the only contributor. Plus, I've gotta do my job... and ride my bike (to find more art)... and sleep! ;-)

I've decided to try posting more mural photos but editing them less. (I used to spend most of my time making the color as close to perfect as I could, fixing distracting bright spots, straightening tilted edges and "barrel distortion" (which many digital cameras have these days: straight lines are curved out like a barrel), etc. I'll add less "backstory" and explanation. I hope it'll let me get back to posting a mural per day. (My pile of photos now stretches back to October of 2012!)


P.S. I'm always glad for comments. Please feel free to add one below. (And if you're interested in being a co-contributor, please drop me a line!

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