Monday, January 27, 2014

Guadalajara Grill

These murals are in classic Joe Pagac style. I especially like the second one, with kids in front of a window:

You can see (much) more of Joe's work by typing his name into the search box (or, better, the link) at the right side of this blog.

I took the photos on February 3, 2013.

Update (January 28, 2017): As I was writing the upcoming entry showing the Guadalajara Grill on Prince, I looked for our other Guadalajara Grill entries. When I saw this one, I realized that it doesn't mention the fire on July 26, 2014, that closed the restaurant. I found a December 5, 2014 article in the Arizona Daily Star, Guadalajara Fiesta Grill to rise from the ashes, with hopeful news. (I haven't been back to see what murals might be there now, but the restaurant is open.)

Update (March 6, 2020): I found four more photos of tile murals by an artist named Miranda on David Aber's Flickr account. You can see them in today's entry.

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