Friday, March 22, 2013

Mama's Hawaiian Bar-b-cue

Rock Martinez has another new mural. (Here's Rock's Facebook page. Thanks, Melo.) Actually, it's several new murals, spread around the Mama's Hawaiian Bar-b-cue location at 850 East Speedway (there are two). They told me Rock finished the murals in the past week or so.

Mark Fleming sent these. Kudos, Mark, for spotting these and taking the time to send them in! If you spot a new mural — and there seem to be a lot of them these days! — please either snap a photo and send it (see the blog header above) or email me and let me know where it is.

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David Aber said...

Now closed at this location. Slated for demolition to make room for more student housing. The restaurant has moved around the corner to 1011 N. Tyndall Ave.