Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sad news from Mary's Street

If you've been following this blog for a few months — or a few years — you've seen our story about the bank's foreclosure on an artist's home,
just northwest of Glenn and Country Club (at 2939 E. Monte Vista). Back in November, 2010, the story was all sunshine and murals — including two of my favorite Tucson murals: the artist's children all along the front wall, and their mother, doing a cartwheel, in a mural on the side of their home.

By the end of 2012, the home was surrounded by weeds and in decay. Mary's oldest daughter, Crystal, told us why. This blog — and KGUN 9 news — spread the story of this art-filled home being foreclosed on. I had hope that things might get better. Yesterday, though, Crystal sent me an email message with (what I hope isn't) the sad end of the story:

Good morning Jerry.

I was just letting you know that my mom is officially out of her house. And it pains me to say that she is having to stop by there almost every day to check on it because transits/thugs are breaking in/stealing things — taking anything they can find that my mom wasn’t able to take with her.

It aches my heart to hear that the home we grew up in — the house my mother has loved and cherished for over 17 years is finally in her rear view mirror (sort of speak).

If you wish to update your blog — Please feel free to use this email and the poem below that I wrote in honor of my mother and her house. :)
(oh and the collage picture attached that show both of them in their ‘glory days’.)

Much thanks to your initial curiosity
And passion for the arts
Your communications and posts have been the silver linings in all of this. :)

Periwinkle (by Crystal J. Wells)

Her periwinkle walkway to her periwinkle door of her periwinkle (and white) house that soon will be no more.

My mother is so friendly and taught me all I know
My mother is so generous,
Even when she has no dough.

Her house may be her legacy
that she's forced to say goodbye
but her cheery disposition has never left her side.

She dreams big everyday
Does her best to solider on
But my mommy will always be...
beautiful, talented and strong!

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