Friday, March 15, 2013

New header and "about this blog" page

Since Randy's death earlier this week, I've added a new page titled About this blog with history and background of this (almost) seven-year-young story of Tucson murals. You can read it there or by clicking its name in the new “Pages” area at the right side of the blog. (The new “Home” link there is a handy way to see this blog's front page, the latest posts.)

I've also updated the header to remove Randy’s name, and change his email address to mine. (Here's the old header...

...). I gave this change a lot of thought. Of course, you shouldn’t email photos to Randy anymore. I decided to remove his name from the header, as well — and to put his name and his story in the new “About” page (as well as remembering Randy with my post two days ago titled Farewell, Randy...).

We’re almost at post #800. I'm looking forward to the 1,000th! Let’s go!


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