Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SF Bay Area street art sites

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area (I'm traveling this week), I heard of a couple of local groups I thought you might want to know about.

The work above is one of the weekly chalk drawings by Chalkupy, a project of the Fresh Juice Party. Each week, a group of artists go to Oakland's streets (or other locations; you might have seen TV coverage of their Chalk Walk in L.A. — to mock the Art Walk). This particular chalk came from a satellite view of an Occupy encampment in Oakland that later appeared in a Google Map. The encampment was cleared away, so Chalkupy recreated it on a sidewalk. (These “chalks” don’t last long, I heard... Oakland city officials quickly wash them away.)

Chalkupy has produced a guide on how to chalk. It has a lot of valuable techniques for planning a chalk — including how non-artists can join in on the work. Here's a link to the PDF file: Chalkupy HOW TO.

A fabulous Bay Area site for street art is Endless Canvas – Bay Area Graffiti and Street Art.

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