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191-197 Toole in 2023, post 4 of 5: East side

This is the fourth of five posts showing the five-sided building wedged into one of five corners at the intersection of 6th Avenue, Alameda Street, and Toole Avenue downtown. (Here's a closeup on Google Maps.)

There've been so many murals on these walls that we made a special page for the building that shows blog posts from over the years:

    Layers of murals: histories of a few walls

The last time I showed photos of this building was the third in this series: 191-197 Toole in 2023, post 3 of 5: Northeast side.

(I took all of the photos below on December 16, 2023 — except for one that I'll point out.)

This post shows the east side, along 6th Avenue between Toole and the underpass where 6th Avenue passes below the railroad tracks. There's a narrow street in front of the mural; standing there, it's hard to see the whole thing. The best view is from the parking lot across 6th. The photo below is from near the corner of Toole and 6th:
(In the next post, I'll show a closeup of the mural at the left edge.)

Next, a view from the north, on top of the 6th Avenue underpass. At the right, you can see part of the wildcat mural on the northeast side:
Earlier posts have shown most of these murals. Here are photos of four.

Fourth mural

In the photo above, count from the left end. The fourth mural is:
But wait… that isn't a University of Arizona Wildcat. Look at the middle of the forehead, for instance:
The saguaro and the long tool used to reach the fruit both extend above the top of the mural:
At the bottom, artists' names:

Fifth and sixth murals

I took the photo below, of the sixth mural — without the shadows of the utility pole and me — on April 29, 2023:

Eighth mural

At the end of the narrow road, to the right of the seventh mural, are five boards holding a gorgeous painting:
We're almost done. Next time, the fifth wall — with a single mural.

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