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191-197 Toole in 2023, post 2 of 5: Northwest side

This is the second of five posts showing the weirdly-shaped five-sided building wedged into the weirdly-shaped intersection of 6th Avenue, Alameda Street, and Toole Avenue. (Here's a closeup on Google Maps.)

There've been so many murals on these walls that we made a special page for the building that shows blog posts from over the years:

    Layers of murals: histories of a few walls

The last time I showed photos on this blog was the first in this series: 191-197 Toole in 2023, post 1 of 5: Southwest side.

This post shows the northwest side, along a parking lot.

February 17, 2023

My first visit since our January 20, 2023 post All around a mural maze was the next month, grand opening day of the new Barraza Parkway downtown. I drove a few loops as the construction crew was fixing traffic signals and taking away signs. On one loop I stopped around 191-197 E. Toole to see what had changed since my previous visit. The first shot shows the whole side from the west end:
Jessica Gonzales updates the mural at the right end of the wall above. It's a marquee for the Rialto Theatre, which is a short walk south.

I took the next two photos from the middle of the wall looking first right and then left:

That last photo shows the tragic tag on one of two Early Joe Pagac murals trashed.

December 16, 2023

Ten months since the previous photo (near the top of this page), the shows listed on the Rialto marquee mural have changed from February to December:
More chunks are missing from the Danny Martin murals of Jackie Daytona and Ted DeGrazia — probably where the backing coat applied to the bricks before painting have been knocked off by vehicles parking too close to the wall:
Next, in the third post of this series, is a side that isn't easy to reach: the northeast side, along the railroad tracks.

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