Wednesday, January 03, 2024

John Henry's bar (Murals being made, part 76)

If you come across a work of art for the first time, it's not always obvious whether the artist will keep adding or changing it. That's what happened with this mural on John Henry's Bar downtown on April 29, 2023. I saw the mural with a lift parked in front, so I guessed there was more to do. Here's what I saw:

April 29, 2023

No need to use your phone on that QR code… I've done it for you. It's a link to the Wikipedia page John Henry (folklore).

The Arizona Daily Star article New bar named for railroad folk hero set to open in downtown Tucson this fall — published Aug 2, 2019 and Updated Dec 22, 2023 — says that the owner wanted to hire Joe Pagac to paint the mural. But I've heard it's by Michael Schwartz; the way John Henry is painted does look to me like Michael's work. (If you know better, please leave a comment below — you can stay anonymous if you'd like — or use the contact form along the right column of this page.)

A month later, I came back.

May 29, 2023

When I compare the photos from both dates side by side, I can't see a difference. (If you can, please leave a comment or use the contact form.)

There are lots and lots of photos — mostly of drinks etc. inside — at John Henry's Tucson (@johnhenrystucson) on Instagram.

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