Wednesday, January 17, 2024

191-197 Toole in 2023, post 1 of 5: Southwest side

This is the first of five posts showing the strangely-shaped five-sided building at the strangely-shaped intersection of 6th Avenue, Alameda Street, and Toole Avenue. (Here's a closeup on Google Maps.)

There've been so many murals on these walls that we made a special page for the building that shows blog posts from over the years:

    Layers of murals: histories of a few walls

The last time I showed photos on this blog was a year ago: January 20, 2023, in All around a mural maze.

I stopped by the building several times during 2023 to catch the latest, but I saved the photos to post early in 2024. This post shows the southwest side, along Toole Avenue itself.

April 29, 2023

I snapped photos of two murals. The first was on the roll-up door not far from the left (northwest) end of the wall:
The second was just to the right (southwest) of the door:
Among other things, this building has artists’ studios. That sign at the right center was for an artist's open studio:

December 16, 2023

When I stopped by again eight months later, the two murals had changed (of course). The first, on the roll-up door, was completely new:
The second had new detail everywhere:
That much change is typical here!

I also noticed something I hadn't last time. Maybe it wasn't painted yet? This stood in front of the right (southwest) end of the building:

Next time, we'll walk to the left, around the corner of the building, to the northwest side.

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