Monday, January 08, 2024

Early Joe Pagac murals trashed

During 2023, I found a couple of Joe Pagac murals downtown, which had been there for years, with graffiti tags. They're two of my favorites by Joe. It used to be that taggers would respect murals… but I guess some people these days don't care if they selfishly trash something other people enjoy. I listed both mural’s location (shown at the end of this post) as the fake address “131 East Toole Avenue.” Actually, the murals are a bit northwest and southeast on either side of that point.

191 East Toole

On February 17, I saw Joe's unique mural showing homeless people he had recruited as models to swim underwater. Some of the paint was falling off the wall — probably a base coating Joe had painted on the wall before adding the mural. But the long tag was the most heartbreaking:
There are photos of the mural in good shape in our November 24, 2017 post Much better photos of Joe Pagac's underwater mural. One photo is of the door that's now painted grey in the photo above.

Behind 119 East Toole

If you walk to the end of the little stub of 7th Avenue off of Toole Avenue, near Stone, Joe painted a mural on the side of Borderlands Brewing along the railroad tracks. There are lots of photos in Joe Pagac's Borderlands Brewing mural, posted April 10, 2015. Sometime not too long ago, someone decided to show how much he loved the IRA by ruining Joe's masterpiece. I'll start with one original closeup, then tagged versions of the same place and two other places:

How very, very sad.

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