Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Five faces on Ferro

The area on the north edge of downtown along 6th Street, in the couple of blocks between Stone Svenue and 6th Avenue, is getting crowded with big murals. There's Joe Pagac's mural on the south wall of Epic Rides. Across the street is Rock “Cyfi” Martinez’ mural on the wall of Benjamin Supply. Now Sean John Cannon has a mural on the east side of Ferro Avenue at the corner of 6th Street:
Thanks to Kevin Blow who sent that photo from his home in England. (He snapped photos of several murals while visiting Tucson. We'll see more of his photos later.) Much appreciated, Kevin!

He has a great camera, much better than my phone. So I used Kevin's photo instead of the one I took on December 16, 2023. I also took photos from both ends:

Sean's signature is at the top right corner of the mural:
Another artist who used repeated images was Andy Warhol. You've likely seen one of his most famous, of Marilyn Monroe. Here's a DuckDuckGo image search (DDG emphasizes privacy): Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe.

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