Friday, January 12, 2024

My Little Angels (on St. Marys)

Last time, we showed My Little Angels (on Park Avenue) day care center. Today, a look at My Little Angels on St Marys Road. I don't know how long they've been open in this location, but the mural looks newer to me. I didn't spot the artist's name.

First, the front (north) side of the building and the wall on the west side of the parking lot:

Close-ups along the front of the building from left (east end) to right (west end):

And the wall from left, closest to the building (south end) to right, closest to St Marys (north end):

By the way, here's a geeky bit of Tucson knowledge. The road that runs west of I-10 is named St. Marys, not St. Mary’s. You'll see the name without an apostrophe on street signs, and in this fragment of a City of Tucson GIS MapTucson:
Once the new Maclovio Barraza Parkway is finished from Stone west to I-10 — maybe in 2025 or 2026? — I'm guessing the part of St Marys east of I-10 will get the new name — and, east of the Parkway, become 6th Street. Just a guess. 😁

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