Wednesday, January 10, 2024

My Little Angels (on Park Avenue) 15 years later

It was March 9, 2008, when Randy Garsee — who founded this blog — posted Don't Pooh-Pooh Cartoon Murals. (His post titles always made me smile. He was part of the most popular TV news team in Tucson, and he kept viewers smiling.) He wrote: “Neil Amstutz submitted the pictures below and wrote: ‘At Park Avenue and 30th Street is a yellow building with Winnie the Pooh overlooking a dirt lot that may have been for a day care.’” The first photo in that post shows an empty sign at the top left corner of the first photo… In 2017, Google Maps said that the business was named (then, at least) Little Angels Daycare.

On May 14, 2023, I was driving along Park Avenue and remembered the murals. I stopped to take new photos. Now a sign (which was an empty box in our 2008 post) and the top of the building both had the name My Little Angels Daycare. Let's look around — first, the front of the building from the southeast:
Next, along the front of the building from the left (south) end of the previous photo to right (north) end:

Around the yard that's just north of the building, clockwise from the side of the building to the wall north of the dirt playground:

(As always, you can click on a photo for a larger view.)

The photo below is the artist's signature, taken from the bottom right of the photo above:
So the mural was painted in 2007, the year before it first appeared on this blog.

Next time, the My Little Angels location on St Marys Road.

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