Thursday, October 01, 2020

Goodbye Tucson Arts Brigade, TAB murals restored

A year or so ago, I saw a brief message from Executive Director Michael B. Schwartz of the Tucson Arts Brigade. Apparently TAB was shutting down, though I wasn't quite sure. I tried to find news online for a while but found nothing definite. Yesterday, David Aber found this post from Michael dated August 22, 2020:

What ever hapened to Tucson Arts Brigade?

I'm sorry to see TAB go. They did a lot of good.

In January 2016, Michael demanded that I remove all of the photos of TAB murals from this blog. (He later disputed that, but I have the message he sent.) Although I believe he can't control photos of public art that aren't taken for profit (see yesterday's blog entry, Photographing public art: is it allowed?, for some perspective), I did what he asked. Now I've restored the photos. If you'd like to revisit those blog entries, here they are. (After you visit each page, you can click your "back" button to return here.) While I'm at it, here are blog entries about TAB that came later. The photos were never removed from these entries:

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